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Lab Test at Home

Home Laboratory Tests

Need to have a blood test but don’t have time in your busy day

For lab testing, visiting to hospitals and waiting in long queues is exhausting work .Home testing is a great way to get an early look at your health. A lab test at home in Dubai is a quick and easy way to determine whether you have any health condition such as anemia, iron deficiency, or other health issues. If you have a chronic condition, it can be difficult to get time off work or find a time that works for you. By scheduling an appointment with a Best Doctor home healthcare team, you can get the care you need when it’s most convenient for you. Not only will a home visit give you a better understanding of your health, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from a professional.

We offer a wide range of tests as prescribed by your physician. The most common are

• Allergens Screening – Food
• Allergens Screening – Respiratory
• Anaemia Test
• Blood Sugar Test
• Lipid Panel Test
• Complete Blood Count
• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

• Covid-19 PCR Test
• Cholesterol Test
• Diabetes Test
• Electrolytes
• Food Intolerance Test
• Food Sensitivity Test
• HbA1C Test
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Hormone Test

• Male and Female Infertility Test
• Influenza Test
• Kidney Function Test
• Liver Function Test
• Microbial Culture & Sensitivity Test
• Pregnancy Blood Test at Home
• Renal Functional Test

• Respiratory Viral Panel
• Stool Test
• Semen Test

• Sexual Health Test
• Testosterone Test
• Urine Test

• Vitamins Test
• Antenatal Screening Profile
• Autoimmune Profile
• Anaemia Profile
• Allergy Screening Profile
• Arthritis Screening Profile
• BRACA Profile
• Cardiac Profile
• Coagulation Profile
• Downs Syndrome Screening
• Diabetes Profile
• Hepatitis Profile
• Hormone Profile
• Impotence Profile
• Lipid Profile
• General Health Check-ups
• Menopause Screening
• NIPT Package
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases Screening
• Thrombophilia Profile
• Infertility Test – Male and Female
• Thyroid Profile
• Cancer and Tumor Bio Markers
• TORCH Panels
• Renal Function
• Vitamin Profile

We offer wide range of over 10,000 lab tests

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