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Doctor Consultation

DHA Licensed, Senior Doctor At Your Home.

Get Premium Comfortable care at your Doorstep in 30-45 min

Best Doctor is a leading provider of home doctor visit services in Dubai, offering a wide range of treatments and procedures for various health conditions. Our medical team consists of qualified and experienced doctors and nurses ready to assist you 24/7.

With Best Doctor, you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of receiving quality health care at your home, without having to travel to a clinic or hospital. You can also save time and the stress of long waiting times for medical attention. With our home visiting Doctor 24X7 services, you can relax with the assurance of professional medical care at home.

What to Expect From Doctor Consultation At Home

• The main purpose of doctor’s home visits is to provide primary diagnostics and, when needed, prescribe blood, urine, and/or other tests.

• Best Doctor will attend to your need wherever you call. They will reach your place fully prepared with all the medical equipment needed for your checkup.

• All you have to do is call us and we will take care of all your needs.

Benefits of Calling Doctor at Home

• Having a Best doctor visiting you at your home, hotel or office have plenty of benefits including:
• The availability of quality medical care in the comfort of your Place
• The home consultation charges are lower than the hospital or clinic visit charges, so you won’t only save on traveling expenses but also medical bills

• The home doctor gives more personal medical care as the physician don’t have a queue of patient he needs to attend to. At Best Doctor Health Care we make sure the Doctor consultations are scheduled at least with one-hour spare time in-between visits
• Not all illnesses need hospitalization, having a doctor at your doorstep to check your condition helps you understand the treatment plan and when to attend a hospital
• Taking an appointment for a bedridden client is quite troublesome. Having a doctor visit instead will ease the journey and reduce the risk of complications and unnecessary admissions
• Reduce hospitalization rates and the risk of readmission after surgeries. The patients usually hesitate to go to the physician or don’t find an appointment which makes them wait till their condition deteriorates to go to a hospital. Having Doctor home visits allow clients to get checked, and treated to avoid hospitalizations.
• The doctor comes to you at your convenient time so you don’t have to postpone your health check or consultation due to your busy calendar
• Elderly benefits the most from home visits, as they are the ones who need medical attention the most and are also the ones who have the most difficulty in traveling.
• For Parents with more then one child, its difficult to take whole family to hospital so Best Doctor at home is the best choice.